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Burgtheater Wide Angle Vienna

Most beautiful attractions in Vienna

This past winter I spent many days walking around Vienna and taking wide-angle photos of the stunning architecture in the Austrian capital. Those are just a few of the amazing buildings here. If you know Vienna, you’ll understand why – almost every building in here looks like a masterpiece. A visual tribute to the most awesome city on Earth – quickly, before spring takes over here completely.  Teilen | Share:

Vienna at Night: Long Exposure Love

Vienna is my favourite city on Earth, you might know that already. But I haven’t taken long exposure photos of Vienna at night since I moved here 1,5 years ago. Not until yesterday. It was so amazingly cool, seriously! Capturing 30 seconds in one photo is beautiful, especially if you do it at Karlsplatz or the Opera House at night. Welcome to the Vienna at Night Galery – mostly Opera and Schwarzenbergplatz. Teilen | Share:

Analog Summer 2015 – Vienna & Augsburg

Summer, warm evenings, ice cream and walks outside, fresh water tanks all over Vienna and too much sunlight for photography – the memories of summer 2015 came back with these analog pictures. It’s amazing how daily moments that seemed usual, now, in these pictures, seem magical. Do you sometimes also notice, how you forget to enjoy the moments and enjoy them only later in pictures? If not, you’re lucky. If yes, share please! And now enjoy my analog summer 2015. Teilen | Share:

People of Vienna

It’s winter time in Vienna. Despite the cold and short daylight, I was walking around the city with my camera. Today I tried to capture some people inside the city in their natural situations. Come with me on a short trip through the city center of Vienna – a topic I would like to show more on the blog since it’s my home city right now.  Teilen | Share:

Weekend in Vienna

Im März kamen Freundinnen in Wien vorbei und ich möchte euch heute zeigen, welche Highlights wir von unserem intensiven Wochenende hier in Wien empfehlen können. Und es ist mittlerweile der Sommer angekommen, die Fotos zeigen jedoch den kalten März, bitte nicht wundern. Auf die Tipps hat das aber keine Auswirkung! Lesezeit: 2 Minuten Today I’d like to show you what to do and see in Vienna if you are just here for a couple of days. The pictures I took are made in March, the tipps are still useful even though it is summer here already!  2 minute read  Teilen | Share:

Living in Vienna

Schon seit ein paar Monaten lebe ich nun in Wien und würde gern mehr darüber erzählen und bloggen. Nur bin ich selbst noch nicht so richtig in der Stadt angekommen. Vielleicht ist die Jahreszeit daran Schuld oder der große Aufwand beim Master-Studium. So ganz genau kann ich das auch nicht sagen. Aber jetzt kommen einfach ein paar Gedanken zu der Stadt und dem Leben hier. Recently I move to Vienna and people keep asking me how I like it. It’s hard to tell because I still don’t feel that much at home. But I like it a lot and enjoy taking pictures of different places around me. Have a look at it.  Teilen | Share: