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3 Days in Rome – A short photo and food guide

How to spend 3 Days in Rome

After several years of Italian in school, friends from Italy, Italian food nearly every week I finally made it to Italy itself. To Rome, to be precise. And it was amazing! I’d like to show you some nice impressions and give tips for things we discovered and found cool. Enjoy! :) Teilen | Share:

Vienna at Night: Long Exposure Love

Vienna is my favourite city on Earth, you might know that already. But I haven’t taken long exposure photos of Vienna at night since I moved here 1,5 years ago. Not until yesterday. It was so amazingly cool, seriously! Capturing 30 seconds in one photo is beautiful, especially if you do it at Karlsplatz or the Opera House at night. Welcome to the Vienna at Night Galery – mostly Opera and Schwarzenbergplatz. Teilen | Share:

20 Random Things To Do In Barcelona (Or Wherever)

In the last Barcelona post, I have shown you what important and well-known spots to visit in Barcelona – something you can find on many other websites as well. Now I’d like to give you twenty inspirational and less serious tips about what cities have to offer apart from touristy spots – as seen in Barcelona. Take them half seriously and let me know in the comments what „adult“ things you sometimes would like to do and what you have done already. Cheers, your Natalia. Teilen | Share:

Istanbul #1

Last week I had the chance to spend one week in Turkey. I came for an international AIESEC conference and apart from that explored the city with the other amazing internationals. Today I want to share with you the first part of my journey through Istanbul. My emotions in one sentence: I love Istanbul so much and you will love it too!  Teilen | Share:

Brazil Love

Fernweh & Wanderlust: Brazil

Reisen kann echt weltbewegend, aufregend und lustig sein. Doch für junge Leute reicht Zeit und Geld oft nicht aus, um die ganze Welt auf einmal zu sehen. Deswegen haben sich dreißig motivierte Blogger zusammengeschlossen, um euch im April auf eine virtuelle Weltreise mitzunehmen. Ich erzähle genau ein Jahr nach meiner Rückkehr ein paar neue Geschichten von Brasilien mit Zitaten aus meinem damaligen Tagebuch. Lesezeit: 4 Minuten. Traveling is amazing, right? That’s why during April some amazing blogs and me are making a virtual world trip. And today I’m going to tell you more stories about Brazil with the little help of my diary back then. Also, you will see some new pictures. 4 minute read Teilen | Share: