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How to travel cheap

How to travel cheap: 4 places for 800€

Hey guys, as you might have noticed, this year was a very active year traveling-wise – to be precise I went to four beautiful cities (I think that’s it for now): Budapest, Rome, Prague, and Pula. All of this is not possible because I have a very rich uncle or won the lottery. All those four trips cost about 800€ all together including the transportation, accommodation, and food/other activities. Today I wanted to share my tips on how to travel in a cheap way. Interested? Let’s go! When to go It depends much on the time of the year you’re going. Really? Yes, everything gets more expensive during the holidays and summer. We went to Budapest in January, to Rome in February, to Prague in May – all of them (kind of) outside of the season. Only Pula in August was an exception, but we just wanted the sea and warm climate so badly. So pay attention to the time you’re booking your vacations. Also: sometimes a holiday in your country isn’t a holiday in …

Prague Weekend Trip

Prague – Rock It In 3 Days

Today I’d like to share the photos and impression from the latest Prague trip in May with you. I know. It’s already 2 months, but well, #timemanagement sucks haha. On all our travels this year we prepared before by checking what we want to see and by writing a rough daily schedule (with max. 2 points, which in reality always were like 4-5 haha). My part in this planning is looking for nice and affordable food places. This all we mark in a Google Map, which is then available at all times, even without internet when we’re on the go. So, and today I want to share our plan and also spontaneous discoveries with you! – Day 1 – Arrive & check-in We’ve found this cute Airbnb here, it was not too close to city center (walking would be too far) but it is really a great location to stay. The neighborhood contains some supermarkets, a winery, several bakeries, cafes and a daily market, also a crazy looking church and the TV tower. Our bus …

3 Days in Rome – A short photo and food guide

How to spend 3 Days in Rome

After several years of Italian in school, friends from Italy, Italian food nearly every week I finally made it to Italy itself. To Rome, to be precise. And it was amazing! I’d like to show you some nice impressions and give tips for things we discovered and found cool. Enjoy! :) Teilen | Share:

20 Random Things To Do In Barcelona (Or Wherever)

In the last Barcelona post, I have shown you what important and well-known spots to visit in Barcelona – something you can find on many other websites as well. Now I’d like to give you twenty inspirational and less serious tips about what cities have to offer apart from touristy spots – as seen in Barcelona. Take them half seriously and let me know in the comments what „adult“ things you sometimes would like to do and what you have done already. Cheers, your Natalia. Teilen | Share:

Barcelona: What to do in 3 days

A couple of weeks ago I went to Barcelona for a short vacation trip. As always I didn’t prepare much beforehand – but came back with some knowledge and nice pictures to share. Here is a small guide of what to put into a tree-day trip to make it an amazing and relaxed time. Teilen | Share:

Bratislava love

In September 2015 I spent one day in Bratislava – a truly underestimated place! Petra already told you her highlights, I will show you some cool places and motives of Bratislava today. And why now? End of 2015 I finally found some time to look through my pictures and look, I found those beauties to show you. Teilen | Share:

Two days in Prague

Last weekend I spontaneously decided to make a short trip to Prague – In this post I’d like to show you some impressions and share the places we’ve visited. You will like this post if you are a) into moody city and street life photography and/or b) are a broke twenty something, thinking about going to Prague for two days and wanting to have an idea of what to do. Or c) you are interested in the short stories I will tell you about Prague. Teilen | Share:

Istanbul #2

Not being able to wait any longer I need to show you the second part of my pictures: These ones show less the touristic spots themselves and more impressions and portraits of random people and situations. I hope you like them! Teilen | Share:

Istanbul #1

Last week I had the chance to spend one week in Turkey. I came for an international AIESEC conference and apart from that explored the city with the other amazing internationals. Today I want to share with you the first part of my journey through Istanbul. My emotions in one sentence: I love Istanbul so much and you will love it too!  Teilen | Share:

Weekend in BUDAPEST: Day 2+3

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich über den ersten Tag unserer Reise nach Budapest berichtet. Heute kommt Teil zwei, der streng genommen zwei Tage beschreibt. Planning a trip to Budapest? Read the second part of my personal tips on what to see and where to eat in Budapest on sundays&mondays.   Teilen | Share:

Weekend in BUDAPEST: Day 1

Anfang des Monats verbrachte ich zwei Tage in Budapest. Ich möchte euch kurz ein paar Einblicke in unseren ersten Tag geben. Aber wenn jemand von euch mehr weiß, ich freue mich über Tipps! Denn von Wien aus braucht man nur etwa drei Stunden mit dem Zug, da kann man schon mal öfters hinfahren, oder? This month I spent 2,5 days in Budapest. Today I’d like to show you some impressions and give you my personal tips on what to do and to see, where to stay and where to eat. Let’s get started. Teilen | Share:

Akko, Israel

Heute möchte ich euch gern wieder nach Israel mitnehmen und zwar nach Akko bzw. Akkon bzw. Acre, ebenso unter Ptolemais bekannt. Ich habe im November einen Tag dort verbracht und hoffe, euch einen kleinen Einblick geben zu können. Akko liegt in Galiläa im Norden Israels und seine Altstadt wurde 2001 von UNESCO zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt. Wir kamen mit einem Mietwagen an und parkten direkt am Ufer des Mittelmeeres. Die Altstadt betraten wir dagegen durch den unterirdischen Unter-Wasser-Tunnel namens Templar, den ihr unten sehen könnt. Das ist echt beängstigend gewesen, zu wissen, dass man gerade komplett von Wasser umgeben ist. Vor allem als semi-professioneller Schwimmmeisterin, die ich ja schon immer bin, habe ich eher Panik gehabt und deswegen nicht so viele Bilder geschossen. Dafür war es auch nicht hell genug, ehrlich gesagt. This year I spend one day in Acre in Israel and would like to show you some pictures of my trip. We entered the city through a tunnel build through the sea. It was kind of scary to walk through the tunnel and to …

Living in Vienna

Schon seit ein paar Monaten lebe ich nun in Wien und würde gern mehr darüber erzählen und bloggen. Nur bin ich selbst noch nicht so richtig in der Stadt angekommen. Vielleicht ist die Jahreszeit daran Schuld oder der große Aufwand beim Master-Studium. So ganz genau kann ich das auch nicht sagen. Aber jetzt kommen einfach ein paar Gedanken zu der Stadt und dem Leben hier. Recently I move to Vienna and people keep asking me how I like it. It’s hard to tell because I still don’t feel that much at home. But I like it a lot and enjoy taking pictures of different places around me. Have a look at it.  Teilen | Share:

Jerusalem, Israel

Ich kann es selbst noch gar nicht fassen, aber neulich durfte ich einen Tag in Jerusalem verbringen. Und ich bin so was von fasziniert! Mich hat es vorher nie sonderlich als Reiseziel interessiert, weil andere Teile der Welt aufregender oder ungefährlicher wirkten, aber vor Ort musste ich einfach staunen. Wahnsinnige Aussicht oder? Wir begannen unseren Tag auf dem Ölberg, von dem aus man diesen herrlichen Blick auf die Stadt hat. Recently I visited Jerusalem, and although I have never been interested in religion and visiting the city, I was fascinated the first moment I saw the stunning view from the Mount of Olives. We just spend one day in Jerusalem – which is absolutely not enough – but I have a feeling, you might like my first impressions of it.  Teilen | Share: