Welcome friends!
My name is Natalia. You can find some more info & contacts here.

I’ve started this blog in 2012 and this page you’ve found here is the newest „model“ of it. I’ve started to blog out of curiosity, boredom and the wish to get to know „how to use a camera on manual mode“. And here we are 6 years later, and I still have no concept for this page here. As much as I don’t exactly know who I am – and probably never will. In the meantime, you’ll find my photography work and other projects here.

What can you do here?

  • Get some travel inspiration from the blog posts
  • Check out the photo works on the first page
  • Get to know me a little bit more by reading this whole page here
  • Get in touch if you want to work together
  • Scroll back to 2012 and laugh about the old blog posts
  • Leave me some feedback
  • Get inspired to start your own blog

Who am I?

I love black tea, taking photos, learning new things, traveling and spending quality time with people I love.

I love reading books, yoga, meditation and deep conversations.

At work, I do marketing & sales, workshops, graphic design, photos and product development of our app.

I was born in Russia, moved to Germany at age 12 and moved to Vienna at age 23. Also, I’ve lived in Brazil for 2 months, working as an English teacher.

Things that make me unique (based on representative studies with family & friends & self-analysis):

  • I speak very fast and loud.
  • I’m quite small (for central European eyes).
  • I’m very energizing, positive and charismatic, so I get along well with people.
  • I love learning new things since day 0 and will never stop wanting to be able to do everything. Currently, it’s Arabic, Calligraphy, Lightroom and UX design.
  • I am quite good in all creative things like photography, music, design, art.
  • And I will never give up if I have a goal to reach!

Get in touch

Are you looking for a photographer or UX designer? Do you want to share some interesting information? I’m happy to hear from you.

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