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Hey there. My name is Natalia Sander Kotova à la Natalia.Fine.Art. I’m a 30-year-old Russian abstract artist & user experience designer based in Vienna, Austria.

I believe in strength through sensitivity and express it through my creative work. Being an artist is an act of bravery for me, so my whole being and career is almost a beautiful piece of art itself.

What I am passionate about

What first comes to mind is my partner and our two cats. Our home is kind of a quatro-lingual place: we speak English, our native languages are Russian and Arabic, and we live in a German-speaking country.

I love to take photos – my favorite photo style is documenting daily life.

I love to think and write – in 2012 I started a blog and have kept it alive until now, but shifted to Instagram instead.

I love dancing, and after having ballet and hip hop classes for 7+ years, I am happily mixing both styles while dancing in my kitchen.

I love music – I play the piano for 10+ years, and I also love to sing, because my voice is one of my sources of power. I play the guitar and bass as well – I even had my own band for about five years when I was a teenager.

I love cooking – something my mom still can’t believe. Now I love to eat well and especially get to know different cuisines. At home we mostly cook a mix of Arabic, Russian, Italian and Indian cuisine – I love veggies.

Since when do I paint

I have always loved everything creative – mostly dancing and music. I loved to paint as a child – but since I was not very specially gifted, nobody took it seriously (including myself). Art has accompanied me throughout Highschool and I thought of studying art – but I felt too insecure back then. So I almost stopped painting entirely and drifted off into design, photography and media studies. Until the lockdown happened and I came across something called #the100dayproject. I still had five acrylic colors and an old notebook, which I filled daily for 100 days with small abstract paintings. Read more about that story here on Instagram.

Why abstract art

Each of my paintings is something that happens when I turn off my head and let the hands flow over the paper.

Creativity, reliability, sensitivity, love – those are my core values. I am an emotional person, at the same time very reflective, analytical and rational. My art is a way to reconnect to these deep emotions and make those accessible and visible for everyone.

Abstract art is perfect to communicate things words or real-life objects are not able to do – and leaves room for your interpretation of what you see there.

Write me if you are interested in a piece of art! We can discuss the details :)

My education

I come from a family of doctors and teachers. I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field, but it took a while to figure out exactly where, and especially to find something I can make a living from. I studied media and communication sciences as well as media management – which are more on the analytical, scientific and business side of the creative industries. I have worked as a graphic designer, photographer, blogger and marketing manager until I have settled in UX Design, which I truly love. Regarding my art I’m a complete autodidact, and believe in learning by doing. I paint daily and expand my knowledge with courses or by just trying out new areas like pottery, linocuts, collages or making polymer clay earrings.

How to buy a piece of my art?

You can write me a DM on Instagram or an email with a photo of the artwork you’d like to buy. Here you can find some latest work. I can ship world-wide. 

Price list & shipping

Until September 4th 2021 this is my price list:

  • A6 – 10€
  • A5 – 25€
  • A4 – 40€
  • A3 – 55€
  • A2 – 70€
  • A1 – 85€

Shipping prices are the following: 8€ within Austria, 14€ within the EU, 20€ to the rest of the world. 

My sources of inspiration

The answer to the question of “your source of inspiration” by other artists makes me feel lost, because I can’t apply it for myself. For me it’s like this: I’m a very energetic and curious person. So most of my inspiration comes from my inner drive to find out more about something, or to try out something new. I like wandering around, listening to people, talking, laughing, traveling – and then, when I have a quiet moment by myself, the processed ideas keep coming. And I am very reflected and analytical, so it’s also partly originating somewhere inside of me.