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Who am I?

My name is Natalia Sander Kotova. I’m a Russian artist & designer based in Vienna, Austria. I’m 29 and live with my partner and our two cats. Our home is kind of a quatro-lingual place: we speak English, our native languages are Russian and Arabic, and we live in a German-speaking country.

Natalia, what do you do?

I’m an abstract painter – something I have revived in 2020 only.

I also love taking photos – my favorite photo style is documenting daily life.

I love to think and write – in 2012 I started a blog and have kept it alive until now, but shifted to Instagram instead.

I love dancing, and after having ballet and hip hop classes for 7+ years, I am happily mixing both styles while dancing in my kitchen.

I love music – I play the piano for 10+ years, and I also love to sing, because my voice is one of my sources of power. I play the guitar and bass as well – I even had my own band for about five years when I was a teenager.

I love to cook – something my mom still can’t believe haha. Now I love to eat well and especially get to know different cuisines. At home we mostly cook a mix of Arabic, Russian, Italian and Indian cuisine – I love veggies.

When did you begin taking an interest in art?

I have always loved everything creative – mostly dancing and music. I loved to paint as a child – but since I was not very specially gifted, nobody took it seriously (including myself). So I drifted off into design and photography, which are pretty related to fine arts. Until the lockdown happened and I came across something called #the100dayproject. I still had five acrylic colors and an old notebook, which I filled daily for 100 days with small abstract paintings. Read more about that story here on Instagram.

Why do you make this kind of art?

Each of my paintings is just something that happens when I turn off my head and let the hands flow over the paper. I love to try out different color combinations and discover new tools – abstract art is great for that. Somewhere in the back of my head I think I’m not „a real artist“ because I can’t draw (well, I can a little). But actually, I am way more interested in abstraction, as I can communicate things, words or real-life objects are not able to do.

Write me if you are interested in a piece of art! We can discuss the details :)

What education have you completed?

I come from a family of doctors and teachers. I always knew I wanted to work in a creative field, but it took a while to figure out exactly where, and especially to find something I can make a living from. I studied media and communication sciences as well as media management – which are more on the analytical, scientific and business side of the creative industries. I have worked as a graphic designer, photographer, blogger and marketing manager until I have settled in UX Design, which I truly love. Regarding my art I’m a complete autodidact, and believe in learning by doing. I paint daily and expand my knowledge with courses or by just trying out new areas like pottery, linocuts, collages or making polymer clay earrings.

How to get in touch or buy a piece of art?

You can write me a DM on Instagram or an email with a photo of the artwork you’d like to buy (or just ask about). I can ship world-wide. 

What are the prices and shipping costs? 

  • A6 (postcard) – 10€
  • A5 – 25€
  • A4 – 40€
  • A3 – 55€
  • A2 – 70€. 

I offer a 15% discount when you order 2 or more paintings. 

Shipping prices are the following: 4€ within Austria, 9€ within the EU, 14,50€ to the rest of the world 

Where do you find your inspiration?

I always feel weird after reading answers to these questions by other artists, because it’s so hard to apply to yourself. For me it’s like this: I’m a very energetic and curious person. So most of my inspiration comes from my inner drive to find out more about something, or to try out something new. I like to wander around listening to people, talking, laughing, traveling – and then, when I have a quiet moment by myself, the processed ideas keep coming. And I am very reflected and analytical, so it’s also partly originating somewhere inside of me.