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My name is Natalia Sander Kotova. I’m a Russian artist & designer based in Vienna, Austria. I’m 29 and live with my partner and our two cats. Our home is kind of a quatro-lingual place: we speak English, our native languages are Russian and Arabic, and we live in a German-speaking country.

I’m an abstract painter – something I have revived in 2020 only. I also love taking photos – my favorite photo style is documenting daily life. I love to think and write – in 2012 I started a blog and have kept it alive until now, but shifted to Instagram instead. I love dancing, and after having ballet and hip hop classes for 7+ years, I am happily mixing both styles while dancing in my kitchen. I love music – I play the piano for 10+ years, and I also love to sing, because my voice is one of my sources of power. I play the guitar and bass as well – I even had my own band for about five years when I was a teenager. I love to cook – something my mom still can’t believe haha. Now I love to eat well and especially get to know different cuisines. At home we mostly cook a mix of Arabic, Russian, Italian and Indian cuisine – I love veggies.

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