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Sollér, Mallorca 2016

2016, really Natalia? Sharing something from two years ago? Yes, for some reason I’ve never shared the pictures from this trip. And since they are beautiful and it’s February, it’s the perfect timing to show them to you – and tell some stories! :)

This Mallorca vacation from 2016 was the most spontaneous trip I’ve ever done. We (Petra and me) couldn’t decide where to go and when to go and whom to go with for our summer vacation. So basically two weeks before the trip, we’ve decided to go to Mallorca together with our dear friend Anja. I think the first idea was Portugal, then we switched to Palermo and any other southern city on this planet until we’ve considered Mallorca, our Plan Z.

I’ve always had bad stereotypes connected with Mallorca since the first day I got to know about it. If you’re not German, you might not know but it’s very popular with German party tourists who go there to drink and dance to pop-trash music. Knowing that the party center is Palma de Mallorca, the capital, we’ve decided to go north and stay in Port de Sollér.

This picture above is the first I took in Port de Sollér and it’s just beautiful! Now I should mention that we went from September 1st until September 5th.

As always, it’s not only the places but also the people: We’ve had the chilliest time without any planning upfront. Where to go, what to eat, when to go to sleep. We were just a perfect fit for each other. Here you can see our first dinner in our Airbnb apartment.

After our dinner, it was already dark so we went on a night exploration trip around the harbor. And even saw some real stars!

The whole harbor was extremely cute and cozy. We’ve really enjoyed the warm evening air while walking past restaurants, hotels and shops. I have to say, it was a quite touristy place. But so charming, I’d really love to go back again.

I was getting up early to do yoga on the balcony and have a quiet moment of reflection in the morning. And I loved seeing the sun going up while sitting on the balcony!

Even before breakfast we went on a quick neighborhood exploration trip – at night we figured there is an open sea access just behind our apartment. And we were right, look at that stunning view:

After a short breakfast, we decided to go hiking to the other side of the harbor to see Cap Gros, one of the two lighthouses in Port de Sollér. Again, the view was amazing all the way to the top, just much hotter as the sun was burning down on us – at 11AM. Cannot imagine such a situation now, during a cold Viennese february.

We’ve had the open Mediterranean Sea on the one side, the harbor of Port de Sollér on the other side. Beautiful.

We’ve spent the afternoon on the beach and went for a quick trip to Sollér, which was only half an hour by bus for about 2,50€ away. Such a cute little town!

All cities on the island were easily reachable by bus. How convenient since we didn’t want to invest in a rented car (and were not 26 yet).

So we went to see Valldemossa and Deja, two cute towns close to Soller. We went there by bus as well and despite the heat had an amazing time!

During this short trip I also turned 25. So the evening before we went to Sollér again, this time by an old tram going from the Port and back a couple of times per day – that was a real highlight.

View from the tram while light was fading away slowly.

We’ve had an amazing dinner at Casa Alvaro in Sollér – I cannot even describe how tasty it was. The restaurant was also super full which in my opinion is a good sign – and cozy!

The next day I’ve had the best birthday breakfast I could wish for – thank you, girls! :)

On my birthday, we’ve only chilled in Port de Sollér and met some cats.

Went to the beach:

Visited another corner of the town with a stunning view.

And watched the sunset:

On our last day, we’ve spent some time in Palma but were too greedy to lock away our bags. Lessons learned: Not quite comfortable and easy to stroll through the city center with suitcases. But flexible. You decide. It was still very beautiful and worth visiting:

Last but not least let me recommend you this other amazing place we went to eat in Palma: Organic Lunch Box (thanks for blogging quicker than me, Petra). I mean look at that food!


And that’s already it! Five days which felt like fifteen and another (digital) box full of memories and quality time. Have you been to Mallorca yourself? Would you like to go there?

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