Monate: August 2017

How to travel cheap

How to travel cheap: 4 places for 800€

Hey guys, as you might have noticed, this year was a very active year traveling-wise – to be precise I went to four beautiful cities (I think that’s it for now): Budapest, Rome, Prague, and Pula. All of this is not possible because I have a very rich uncle or won the lottery. All those four trips cost about 800€ all together including the transportation, accommodation, and food/other activities. Today I wanted to share my tips on how to travel in a cheap way. Interested? Let’s go! When to go It depends much on the time of the year you’re going. Really? Yes, everything gets more expensive during the holidays and summer. We went to Budapest in January, to Rome in February, to Prague in May – all of them (kind of) outside of the season. Only Pula in August was an exception, but we just wanted the sea and warm climate so badly. So pay attention to the time you’re booking your vacations. Also: sometimes a holiday in your country isn’t a holiday in …