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Burgtheater Wide Angle Vienna

Most beautiful attractions in Vienna

This past winter I spent many days walking around Vienna and taking wide-angle photos of the stunning architecture in the Austrian capital. Those are just a few of the amazing buildings here. If you know Vienna, you’ll understand why – almost every building in here looks like a masterpiece. A visual tribute to the most awesome city on Earth – quickly, before spring takes over here completely. 

1. Art History Museum

Art History Museum Vienna Art History Museum Vienna InsideCafeteria Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

I had the awesome chance to do a photo walk with Igers Austria in here. I loved the building itself more than the art – partly because I am more fan of modern art, partly because the lighting was better in the hallways.

2. Burgtheater Vienna

Burgtheater and tram Vienna Burgtheater at Night Burgtheater Long Exposure Burgtheater Vienna

There is almost no better way to use an ultra-wide-angle lens, than in this spot, in front of the Burgtheater. Easy to capture the whole building like that. And in combination with light, exposure and Viennese trams this scenario becomes magical.

3. Coffee Houses Vienna

Cafe Aida, Vienna
Cafe Aida at Wollzeile

Cafe Ritter Vienna

4. Viennese Opera House

Opera House ViennaVienna State Opera Vienna

The Viennese Opera is super famous all around the world – and also quite popular among the Viennese. Each and single day the Opera seems sold out. It’s stunning from inside and just awesome from outside, too!

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5. Metro in Vienna

Pilgramgasse Vienna Underground Pilgramgasse Vienna

Vienna is repeatedly the city number one to live in. To a big extent it’s because of the amazing transportation we can enjoy over here. I almost never need more than 30mins to any location by public transport. Even distant locations like the airport or some big shopping locations are easy reachable via public transport – and mostly included in your ticket already.

U4 Wien LangzeitbelichtungU4 Vienna

6. Christmas Markets

Rathaus Christkindlsmarkt
Christmas market at Rathaus.
Christmas market at Karlsplatz, Vienna
Christmas market at Karlsplatz

This past winter I had a great time at the Christmas markets at Karlsplatz, Schönbrunn, Rathaus, Wilhelminenberg and Spittelberg. Since I mostly enjoyed, I only have good pictures of those two markets :)

7. Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace in Austum, Vienna Schönbrunn in NovemberSchönbrunn Palace Vienna

The Schönbrunn Palace and especially the view from the Gloriette are really worth the long climb up the hill. I really think, Autumn is the best time of the year to see this place. Mind the fog though: Several times I climbed up here to capture the sunset, to only see a lot of fog and almost nothing of the view :)

8. …and other beautiful places

This is my inner yard in Neubaugasse :)
Palais Auersperg Vienna
This is Palais Auersperg in Vienna (close to Volkstheater).
Volkstheater Vienna
The view to Volkstheater with some long exposure – a dynamic Saturday.
Parliament Vienna
The Viennese Parliament during a sunny winter day in 2016.


Thanks for watching and reading. And come to visit Vienna immediately, if you haven’t been here yet!


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