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3 Days in Rome – A short photo and food guide

How to spend 3 Days in Rome

After several years of Italian in school, friends from Italy, Italian food nearly every week I finally made it to Italy itself. To Rome, to be precise. And it was amazing! I’d like to show you some nice impressions and give tips for things we discovered and found cool. Enjoy! :)

Where we lived

Airbnb in the Via Nomentana – It was not really close to a metro, but had some bus connections directly to Piazza Venecia or the Vatican. And the best part about it: Good and affordable restaurants and cafes around the corner.

Via Nomentana, Rome Via Nomentana, Rome

Where we ate:

Le SorelleEspresso bar in Via Alessandria, 67. We had our first breakfast here. The most charming thing was that nobody spoke English. 

Bakery Valli: Via Bergamo, 37. Our second breakfast with amazing pastries and sweets, but just espresso to drink. Very affordable with 10€ all together to make two people full.

La Portineria: Via Reggio Emilia, 22. A hipster place offering amazing coffee and pastries, everybody spoke English. And very affordable, too.

Disco Volante: Via Alessandria, 50. A very cute and full Pizzeria full of couples, families and no tourists. I loved this place, really.

Mercato rionale coperto NomentanoOk, that’s not the food we ate. I took the photo at the Mercato rionale coperto Nomentano which was close to our place.

What we saw:

1. Fontana di Trevi

This place was so insanely crowded – to be expected, actually. Well, next time I won’t bother coming here, since Rome has many more beautiful fountains worth visiting. Fontana di Trevi Rome

2. Pantheon & around it

We didn’t manage to come here during daylight, unfortunately. But to capture the view from outside. This is a nice building with a funny whole in the ceiling. The whole area around the Pantheon is even more interesting and definitely worth visiting.

Pantheon Piazza della Rotonda Pantheon Rome Piazza della Rotonda

3. Colosseum

As expected the line to get in was so long, but it was definitely worth seeing. Though, the most memorable moment of seeing the colosseum was getting out of the metro station and just seing it in front of me, so huge and old.

Colosseum, Rome Colosseum, Rome Colosseum, RomeColosseum, Rome at night

4. Forum Romanum

The Roman Forum is also worth visiting and is best seen from the Palatine Hill, which is included in the Colloseum+Forum Romanum ticket, and just next to Forum Romanum. You won’t miss it, there are so many people heading towards it.

Forum Romanum Rome Forum Romanum Rome Forum Romanum Rome Forum Romanum Rome Forum Romanum Rome Forum Romanum Rome

5. Piazza Venezia & the Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele

Somehow we visited this spot several times. Once during sunset which helped me produce stunning views of the monument and from it, as well.

On our last morning in Rome we also went up to the monument top – with an elevator for 7€.

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele Piazza Venezia Rome Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele IMG_7570 Piazza Venezia RomeTaking photo of Vittorio Emanuele Monument

6. St. Peter’s Cathedral

One of the longest lines I have ever seen in my life, but so much worth it! The entrance to the cathedral is for free, but you need to wait in front of it for a security check. It took us at least one hour in this line. Gladly the weather was amazing, so we just enjoyed the sun.

The whole interior of the cathedral is so beautiful. And the view from the Cupola is just great, too. Keep in mind those stairs will make you super tired – next time I’d go for the elevator despite the longer line for it.

St. Peter's Cathedral Vatican St. Peter's Cathedral Vatican Piazza San Pietro Vatican St. Peter's Cathedral Vatican

7. As always checked out the metro

Metro in Rome Metro in Rome Metro in Rome Metro in Rome Metro in Rome

8. Streets of Rome

Streets or Rome, Italy Streets or Rome, Italy Streets or Rome, Italy Streets or Rome, Italy Streets or Rome, Italy

And that’s me in Rome haha:

Natalia Sander in Rome

I hope you like my short report about our 3-day vacation in Rome – and found some new inspiration for your next trip there. Have you been to Rome already and do you have tips for food, locations, and accommodation? Always happy to read your tips :)

View over Italy from the plane: Look down

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