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11 Things to do in Budapest

The first time I’ve been to Budapest was almost two years ago. And it’s so amazing I have been there a couple of time since then. Last weekend I’ve spent again three days exploring and taking photos. Here are some things I can highly recommend.

We’ve been staying in an Airbnb not far from city center and used a 72-h ticket (13€ per person). It was so cold! Minus 8 till minus 14 at night.

We made a rough plan for the three days to make sure we use the beautiful hour during sunset at different locations. I’ve looked up some cafes, restaurants and important sights and marked them in this map here. It was pretty cool as the map worked even without wifi. So wherever we were, I just looked up the next cafe or bar to warm up.

Here are some photo impressions and recommendations of what to do:

1. Central Market Hall

img_5406 img_5395

You can easily reach the market via metro  – which is especially convenient in winter when it’s freaking cold outside. Downstairs you can find some food stands, upstairs some souvenirs and restaurants.

Metro station Fovam Ter. 

img_5181 img_5179

2. St.-Stephans-Basilika


This large and beautiful church is already amazing from outside (and inside). But even more amazing is the view from it. And it’s so cheap compared to other European cities – just around 3-4€. So give it a try – I can highly recommend the sunset hours. But see yourself.

img_5105 img_5060 img_5045


Even the stairs are beautiful and amazing in here!

3. Metro stations


To be honest I never gave much attention to metro stations in Vienna (or elsewhere). But due to the cold weather and also my wide-angle lens I started to notice the magic down here. Since it was warmer, you could rather see people chilling around. And the architecture of the stations is stunning.

img_4862 img_4856 img_6064 img_5853 img_5839 img_5820

4. Local neighbourhoods


Even though our Airbnb-host didn’t have amazing reviews, we wanted to give it a try and it was actually quite nice. The house had a lot of flair and didn’t at all look like a hotel – that’s why people stay in an Airbnb, right? ;) Here you can see our room window and the inner yard.


5. Fisherman’s Bastion


Above you can see the Fisherman’s bastion which is quite a pretty corner of the Buda side. But even better is the view from the Bastei, which is for free in the winter months (yes, I knew there must be a bonus for traveling in winter!). And this is the view over the parliament from the bastion: img_5634

6. Buda Castle


Very close to the Fisherman’s Bastion you’ll find the Buda Castle, which is a national galery today. We were not very interested in the paintings, so we just walked around and enjoyed the sunset view.


And those are the view from the castle. Crazy beautiful and for free.

img_5671 img_5569

8. Hummus Bar & Cserpes Tejivo


There is, of course, a lot to discover in Budapest regarding the food. But I’d like to stress out some great places.

  • Newbie (for me): Hummus Bar. It’s simply amazing. The best place to try different kinds of hummus. It’s delicious and not expensive at all.
  • Old & proven: Cserpes Tejivo for breakfast and Anker or Drum Cafe for a cheap and yummy Hungarian meal.
  • Friends also recommend Ramenka, Mazel Tov, Napfényes étterem, Vega city
  • Totally overrated: New York Cafe (super full and terrible food)

9. Szimpla Kert

szimpla-kert-budapest img_5756

This place is just cool! It’s cozy, crazy, has burgers, cocktails, beer, internationals and locals. Just a great place to spend an evening. But better in summer, as it’s also cold inside and dancing with all your winter equipment isn’t that nice.

img_5731 img_5740

10. Parliament


This time we didn’t make it to the parliament tour – it was just so full of people! But took amazing photos from outside. statues-budapest

Ok, the right statue is actually in front of the Buda Castle. But you get the point: winter sun is amazing for photos!


The metro station next to the parliament was closed, but this one is even better: Batthyany ter. You’ll see this stunning view of the parliament from here. Because from the front, you’ll just be lost in its dimensions.

11. Just walking around

sunset-buildings-in-budapest img_5877 img_5332

Even though it was cold, we were simply dragged outside by all the beautiful buildings, streets, monuments and motives. I cannot tell you people enough to go and visit this beautiful city yourself. I hope you could get an impression from my photos. See you in the next post.

img_4930img_4990 img_4938 img_4925

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