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Weekend in Bratislava: 10 Things To Do

Visiting Bratislava for the second time now, I gathered some ultimate tips to master the cute city during a weekend trip. Check the previous post about Bratislava I wrote to have more tips for a weekend in Bratislava. So, let’s go, 10 things you can do. 


#1 Join a free walking tour

Free Walking Tour BratislavaIMG_2923

We run into the tour by accident and I loved it! A local guide was telling all the secrets and stories of the city, and it’s basically for free since you can pay whatever you want. I love the idea of these tours and will check now in every city I’ll be traveling to.

#2 Hang out in Urban House for hours

Urban HouseIMG_30930_Vertikale_MG_1005

This is not only my favorite spot for a weekend in Bratislava but just the coolest cafe I’ve ever been to. Ever. The lights are perfect, it offers different sitting spots, the staff is super nice, food and drinks are amazing and affordable. You have to come here.

#3 Hang out in Hviezdoslav’s square

IMG_2899Saturday Life in BratislavaIMG_2857

Every weekend something is going on here: fairs, concerts, free painting classes and many people to watch.

#4 Try the amazing ice cream by Koun

IMG_2894Ice Cream Koun Bratislava

This ice cream is amazing. Don’t expect classical tastes here, though. I had sour cream and cotton candy. A friend tried nectarine and caramel. They were extremely tasty, I swear. Normally this place is crowded and you have to wait in the line for a couple of minutes, but it’s really worth it.

#5 Take photos of tourists


#6 Walk outside of the old town


We didn’t make it to the other side of the Danube, but even walking through non-touristy districts is great. Meet the real life of Bratislava.

#7 Take a closer look at the city center

IMG_2948 Bratislava Beautiful ArchitectureIMG_2953 IMG_2958

After I’ve seen all the important buildings, I start looking beyond the obvious. And discover beautiful advertisements. Or inner yards.


#8 Look for good restaurants & cafes upfront


Normally, I eat somewhere I pass by when travelling. In Bratislava though we didn’t have luck with lunch places. The potatoes look good, but were actually pretty terrible. Walking around and going into a random place (the touristy ones) is not a really good idea. Places we’ve tried and loved:

#9 Ask a local what to see in BratislavaIMG_2979IMG_3001

… and then discover new parts of the city looking for it. We went into the Slovak National Galery to free. That was interesting.

#10 Take a walk along the Danube


I hope you’ll have a good time in Bratislava! And if you need tis for other cities, check these: Barcelona Randon Things Guide, Barcelona in 3 Days, Prague in Two Days, 8 Things to do in Hamburg, Weekend in Vienna.


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07/07/2016 at 17:49

Thank you . I have never been to Bratislava but will go. I too blog about my trips. As a doctor I get to travel lots and photograph cities. Maybe we should share each other’s blogs?
Here is a recent one from me

08/07/2016 at 9:49
– In reply to: Chris

Nice street art! :) Where are you actually from?

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