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Vienna at Night: Long Exposure Love

Vienna is my favourite city on Earth, you might know that already. But I haven’t taken long exposure photos of Vienna at night since I moved here 1,5 years ago. Not until yesterday. It was so amazingly cool, seriously! Capturing 30 seconds in one photo is beautiful, especially if you do it at Karlsplatz or the Opera House at night. Welcome to the Vienna at Night Galery – mostly Opera and Schwarzenbergplatz.


Vienna At Night Albertina

Beautiful Albertina with Franz Statue in front of it (did you notice it’s probably the dirtiest statue in the whole city?).

Vienna At Night Behind Opera House

This is a photo taken from the Albertina down, behind the Opera House. I didn’t notice this spot at day, but it’s maybe the most touristy spot with the “Tourist Info” office and Cafe Mozart next to it. I was waiting forever long for a car to pass in the street…

Vienna At Night First District

And then finally! One Viennese car driver was nice to me.

Oh yes. You better listen to this song while watching:


Vienna At Night Graben

Quite difficult to capture people at night, this street was pretty full of people actually. But as they all kept moving you cannot see more than shadows here.


Vienna at Night Green Fountain

No better place for Vienna at Night than Schwarzenbergplatz and it’s fabulous fountain. Especially in hot summers.

Vienna at Night Hotel Continental Long Exposure

Some buildings have amazing lights shining on them, like the Konzerthaus. Look at these beautiful colors!

Vienna at Night Karlskirche and Tram

Maybe one of my favourite photos! Karlskirche looking though the buildings in Schwarzenbergplatz AND the beautiful tram passing. Perfect moment to capture.

Vienna at Night Me Long Exposure

The best self-portrait I’ve ever taken.

Vienna At Night On The Ring

The Ring is maybe the most photographed thing in the city. At daylight, I haven’t even noticed Hotel Imperial, but in this photo at night it’s so beautiful I don’t know how that could happen. The passing tram was a perfect fit to it.

Vienna at Night Ring Tram

And that’s how it looks when the tram passes through too slow. Or the long exposure is not long enough to capture the street behind properly!

Vienna At Night Opera and Traffic

Vienna at Night is also great behind the Opera House, view from Albertina.

Vienna at Night Schwarzenbergplatz Fountain

Coming back to Schwarzenbergplatz: I really dislike the color pink (especially in clothes), but this pink here is just perfect in the surrounding it is in. Don’t you think?

Vienna at Night fountain

My mom liked this photo most: Looks like a lake outside of the city, she said. No, it’s the fountain at Schwarzenbergplatz, as well.

Vienna At Night Shiny Like Stars

The Ring from the other side: The white light are the cars, in case you were wondering. Do you actually know how long exposure works? You basically make your camera take a photo for some long seconds, that way you capture more light and everything that moves will be captured in all its positions. So car lights, which obviously move the whole time, appear as lines of light. Beautiful thing. These photos were mostly taken for 30 seconds.

Vienna at Night Soviet Monument

The Soviet Monument is a must when visiting Vienna at Night. I have to admit, soviet architecture is not really my favourite. But it’s impressive, really. Even the flowers look like the Soviet Union.

Vienna at Night The Ring  Vienna at Night_Schwarzenbergplatz

Next time you wonder what to do in Vienna At Night: Go around, find great photo spots, call me and we’ll walk there together. I hope you liked the photos and are motivated to check out long exposure yourself. Happy about comments as always :)


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Sandra Kreply
04/06/2016 at 12:30

Sehr, sehr cool!! Nachtfotografie nehm ich mir auch schon ewig vor!!! Nur das Stativ-Rumschleppen ist doof ;)
LG aus St. Pölten, Sandra

04/06/2016 at 12:45
– In reply to: Sandra K

Hallo Sandra :) Ja, das mit dem Stativ ist wirklich ein Aufwand, deswegen gehe ich die immer “extra” machen, so zwischendrin geht das nicht :) Liebe Grüße nach Stp, gehe da zur FH :)

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