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20 Random Things To Do In Barcelona (Or Wherever)

In the last Barcelona post, I have shown you what important and well-known spots to visit in Barcelona – something you can find on many other websites as well. Now I’d like to give you twenty inspirational and less serious tips about what cities have to offer apart from touristy spots – as seen in Barcelona. Take them half seriously and let me know in the comments what “adult” things you sometimes would like to do and what you have done already. Cheers, your Natalia.

#1 Count the local flags

Catalan Flags Barcelona

And do this from the first minute on. Perfectly easy in Barcelona, as Catalan flags are everywhere.

#2 Visit a market just locals know about


#3 Take creepy portraits of people in the market


#4 Compare the tomato prices to the markets back home


#5 Let somebody explain you the smoothie choices

Smoothie Barcelona

#6 Observe daily street life.

Street Life Barcelona

And if you know the local language, ask people what they are doing. Or just try using English, hand, feet and facial expressions instead.

#7 Notice contrasts

IMG_7290 IMG_7291

#8 Embrace symmetry


#9 Eat some not local food

IMG_7478 IMG_7480


#10 Find the most pigeon-populated spot and count them all


#11 Find a local bakery and try something new


Here are some Buñuelo.

#12 Go to a famous spot to take pictures of tourists


 #13 Notice the suburb architecture


#14 Find the Obama spot


Or other places randomly named after famous people.

#15 Don’t buy regional fruits in order to forever remember how you didn’t try them



#16 Notice how beautiful the streets are




#17 Look up


And be ready to find interesting details of daily life.

#18 Relax and watch the nature


#19 Stare at somebody opposite of you


Start a conversation, if you are advanced.

#20 Create tons of airplane pictures to make your friends at home envious


I would love to hear from you now: Are those things you do whenever in a new city? Or even in your home town? What are activities you LOVE doing when you travel? 

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27/04/2016 at 16:39

Also ich finde alle Punkte super – bis auf Punkt 15! Dazu liebe ich Obst einfach zu sehr :D Aber deine Fotos sind mal wiedr traumhaft! Das mit den Flaggen zählen gelingt übrigens in Istanbul (oder in jeder anderen türkischen Stadt) genauso gut. Ich setze mich in fremden Stätden gerne ins Museum und schreibe Postkarten, anstatt mir das komplette Museum anzugucken. Das hat etwas sehr Beruhigendes :)
Liebe Grüße,

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