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Analog Summer 2015 – Vienna & Augsburg

Summer, warm evenings, ice cream and walks outside, fresh water tanks all over Vienna and too much sunlight for photography – the memories of summer 2015 came back with these analog pictures. It’s amazing how daily moments that seemed usual, now, in these pictures, seem magical. Do you sometimes also notice, how you forget to enjoy the moments and enjoy them only later in pictures? If not, you’re lucky. If yes, share please! And now enjoy my analog summer 2015.

Burggarten during analog summer

Burggarten Vienna

My favorite spot of the city at every time is Burggarten. During this analog summer it was apparently also frequently visited by me and many tourists taking pictures with Mozart and Goethe statues.

Volksgarten WienGoethe Vienna

The typical Viennese coffee houses can be exchanged for park benches in summer months– even though I’ve never read a book in the park. Gladly the next summer is already on the way!

Karlsplatz analog

Exhibition KarlsplatzKarlskirche WienTrinkwasser Wien

These water talks are the best! These hot summers in Vienna would be a lot worse without the free water supply. But you have to admit, they are not super adorably designed. Like a robot from space – because space and robots are two things I don’t like thinking about so much.

Modular Festival in Augsburg

Modular Festival Modular Wittesbacherpark Augsburg

This cute festival in Augsburg is my favorite one. Not that I’ve been to many music festivals, but this one feels like home. It’s in my hometown, yes, but its concept is also very cute. It’s music, diverse regional food and coffee shops have their stands, art projects, flea market and clothes swapping and other interactive things. This summer 2015 we played pool, drew mangas and had amazing talks at the pond inside the park.

Flowers and Roses in Augsburg 2015

Analog at Naschmarkt

Naschmarkt in the evening

It’s incredible to see how Naschmarkt is closed during daylight – because now, in winter / spring it’s never closed when there is sunlight.

Naschmarkt ViennaTourists Vienna

Analog summer round the ring

 Opera House Vienna People going to the Opera Wien

Colored pants going to the opera house – summers is the time when people start wearing more colors, compared to all gray and black now. The ring, in case you don’t know, is the word for the area around the first district with most important Viennese buildings on it: Parliament, Opera House, Museums, Town Square, Theatres, University and more.

Naturhistorisches Museum ViennaSchwedenplatz ViennaBuildings Vienna.The Ring Vienna

You might think during summer nights the streets might be full of people enjoying life – but you can see, it’s not the case. What are they all up to? Working? Sitting in air-conditioned rooms? Left on vacation? I couldn’t figure out yet.

ViennaMy room in Vienna

And my room is of course also nice in summers. I still can’t figure out how these green-red light combinations appeared. Green from inside, red from outside?

Even though analog photography makes no sense at all, because it’s expensive, insecure and time demanding, I will never stop loving it. When was the last time you were using an analog camera?



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Hey, du hattest dich vor circa einem Jahr bei mir als Blog of the month beworben. Ich wollte die Aktion wieder aufnehmen und fragen ob du noch Interesse hast, dann würde ich dir einige Interview fragen schicken und dich im April vorstellen! (:

schreib mir doch einfach ne mail, wenn du Lust hast :)

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