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People of Vienna

It’s winter time in Vienna. Despite the cold and short daylight, I was walking around the city with my camera. Today I tried to capture some people inside the city in their natural situations. Come with me on a short trip through the city center of Vienna – a topic I would like to show more on the blog since it’s my home city right now. 

Start at Schwedenplatz


Schwedenplatz I got to know very late, when I’ve been living in Vienna for about half a year already. It’s one of the spots where Vienna is as much Hamburg as it could be. In summer, a lot is going on around the water and in the ice cafés. But also in winter, it seems to be an active spot of Vienna.


Don’t forget to grab some snack over here as there are several different options to choose from. This lady over here is showing us how it works.

Continue to Stephansplatz


This spot was also crowded as usual. Unlikely the summer time, now there are fewer tourists wandering around so I actually got the chance to capture some of them taking pictures of the Steffl (the Viennese name for St. Stephen’s Cathedral).

IMG_5982 IMG_5983

And some more of people taking pictures. If you like the Cathedral as many Viennese people do, then donate for its preservation and restoration.

Finish your journey at Volkstheater/Museumsquartier


The area between Hofburg, the museums of natural history and art was very empty. Only around Volkstheater, I found them again: Nice, packed and sporty Viennese people on their way home, as I assumed.

IMG_6029 IMG_6031 IMG_6040

The mood in the tram was great as always – nothing odd at five in the afternoon, tired people on their way home. Let me know what you would like to know about Vienna. I have some things in mind already, let me add whatever you prefer to hear and see. Take care!

In case you were looking for a proper touristic guide of Vienna – Check this guide I wrote on my personal favorite spots in the city. Perfect for a short weekend with friends.

The Welcome to Vienna page is quite helpful as well giving you info about current events, general tips on how to get around and much more. 

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28/02/2016 at 11:34

Oh, ich liebe solche Beiträge. Überlege seit langem auch so eine Rubrik auf meinem Blog zu starten. Allerdings bin ich mir nie so sicher, ich würde ja auch nicht gerne Fotos von mir im Internet finden, von denen ich nichts weiß. Wie machst du das?

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Izabela von Unsettled Destination

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