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Bratislava love

In September 2015 I spent one day in Bratislava – a truly underestimated place! Petra already told you her highlights, I will show you some cool places and motives of Bratislava today. And why now? End of 2015 I finally found some time to look through my pictures and look, I found those beauties to show you.


Before going Petra and me did some research and found this perfect “hipster day in Bratislava” guide – best basis for our day of wandering around Bratislava. We saw the main square, town hall, walked up Michael’s tower for the stunning view and walked over to the UFO bridge (and later to the other side of the Danube).

Bratislava’s Coffee Shops

Coffee and markets BratislavaCoffee shops Bratislava IMG_2646

All those places look great, dont’ they? We didn’t try anything there but looked inside for some impressions. And what should I say: Bratislava’s city center offers great coffee and cake places with incredible prices – if you are living in Austria and Germany, you’ll understand me. For these coffee shops and food places we took a look at Made in Moments blog – “Where Do Bratislava ‘Hipsters’ Hang Out?”.

Craft Market in Bratislava

Handcraft Market Bratislava   IMG_2673IMG_2676


As we’ve been there on a Sunday, there was a crafts market between the Theater and the Danube. First we felt sad as we have missed the photography exhibition and video festival, which happened the Sundays before. But as soon as we saw the market, we fell in love with it. Look at all those things! We saw some traditional clothing, heard traditional music, saw tons of different people and tried some traditional cookies – unfortunately there was not much veggie food, so we couldn’t try it all.

Urban House

IMG_2845 IMG_2863

Urban House was the cafe we spent most time at, that’s why it deserves an own caption. We fell in love with this place right away: It offers great cake, cheap coffee and tea, sockets, different tables and chairs as well as wi-fi. This cafe has some working corners, some cozy armchair places, chilling areas and even some plant areas. If I was living in Bratislava, I’d come here every day.

IMG_2868 IMG_2874

Wandering around

IMG_6718 Street life Bratislava

Apart from the city center there we didn’t see much. One thing caught my eye though: I loved this houses very much, how the light fell and how cute the balconies look. By the way, Kou, which you see on the right, seemed to be a sort of super popular ice cream shop, the people you see here were all waiting to get one! We didn’t try it, but definitely would next time.

Across the Danube


For a short time we went to the other side of the Danube, a side full of high buildings and less touristy corners. And you know what: I loved it! As I grew up in Russia, those tall buildings make me feel like home. And they’re even quite pretty with all the green and orange parts. We found a supermarket on the other side and enjoyed the view of local foods – do you also have this habit of visiting and admiring foreign supermarkets?


In the evening the cafes started to become full of couples and groups of friends, while we headed off to the train station. As the train ticket from Vienna is quite flexible, so it doesn’t matter if you drive back the same day or three days later, I would spend at least one night in Bratislava and enjoy the nightlife and a great breakfast in the morning. Next time. It’s up to you now!

Have you ever been to Bratislava? What was your impression? And how do you prepare before a vacation? 


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07/01/2016 at 19:10

Very nice article :) I really love that you took picture of building I live in :D The yellow one the right side of that picture from Petržalka :) Those buildings are not very photogenic so you cannot see them usually on pages like this one :)

08/01/2016 at 9:20
– In reply to: Tony

Thank you Tony :) That’s so funny I took a picture of your house :D They are quite photogenic I think, just not in this “glamour magazines” way. Do you have the feeling I missed something really great in Bratislava? Tips from Locals are so helpful :)

28/02/2016 at 11:17

Wunderschöner Artikel mit tollen Bildern! Ich hab schon von vielen Seiten gehört, dass Bratislava so hässlich sein soll – selbst von einigen Slowaken ;) Schön, dass du mal die Gegenperspektive aufzeigst.

PS. Ich liebe es auf Reisen auch, in Supermärkte zu gehen! :D

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